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I have been a passionate coin collector for the past 20 years and I have created this website to share my passion. I have endeavored document the history of India through coins through the ages.

My coin collection starts from Ancient India namely the Magadha Period to Modern India.

Some highlights from my Indian collection include coins from

– The Bahmani Dynasty

– Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb

– Collection of coins from the Sultanate

– Single coin from each of the 58 different Indian Princely States.

– Detailed collection from Hyderabad State.

– Collection of the complete set of British India coins.

In this website I have included 95 different mints coin of Mughal Emperors.

Besides the Indian Coin Collection, I have included one coin from each Country (currently about 213 Countries) in the world.

I have attempted to list the coin numbers for reference including the Catalogue Number from ‘Standard Catalogue of Sultanate Coins of India’ by Dilip Rajgor (Amrapali Publication, Bombay) and the KM Number from ‘Standard Catalogue of World Coins’ (Krause Publications) and Goron number from ‘The Coins Of The Indian Sultanates’ by Stan Goron (Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers). I have given the reference and taken the Legend Scans for The Bahmani Coin from ‘Copper Coins Of The Bahmanis’ by D.Raja Reddy, P. Suryanarayana Reddy.

My collection includes some rare coins like

– Coins of Ibrahim Shah and Sikandar Shah from the Suri Dynasty

– The coins of Ismail Shah, Tahmatan Shah and Ala al Din Muhammad Shah-IV from the Bahmani Dynasty

– Coins from the Khandesh Sultanate

– Copper coin of Akbar ‘Sultan Ibn Sultan’ like Sultanate type and copper coin of Jhangir ‘ Sika-e-Jahangri’ from the Mughal Dynasty

– Silver coin of Nizam Ali Khan, Amravati mint from the Hyderabad State


I would like to thank my wife Meher and my children Rahat, Sabahat and Ashfaq and my son-in-laws Shahrokh and Faisal for their suggestions, encouragement and their help in building my Coin Collection. I would also like to thank my grand-daughter Afrin and grand-sons Adil and Zain (Aiden) for helping me arrange the Coins and enthusiastically collecting the coins for me. I am grateful to Mr. M.M.Powar for his invaluable help in preparing this website. I would also like to thank my friends and fellow coin collectors (late) Fasih-ud-din Kazi for his help in identifying the coins, particularly the Muslim Dynasties and also my friend Mr. M.K Bayas for his helpful suggestions.

Special thanks goes to Dr. Raja Reddy, Mr. Goron, Mr. Goenka, Dr. Dilip Rajgor and M/s Krause publications for their Reference Number for my coins.

For this site I have referred to The Wikipedia (The free Encyclopedia) and also some text Books for referencing the history.

I have attempted to document the coins as accurately as possible. Please let me know if you find any errors.

Please note that all images and other matters on this site are copyrighted and cannot be used without my prior permission.

I would welcome any comments or suggestions from you. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope to read your comments in the Guest Book and in emails.