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(Southern India)


When Bahmani ruler’s sovereign power was seized, after A.D 1518 the sultanate broke up into five states,By provincial governors, and founded new dynasties and sultanate, one of it Bidar.

The history of the Barid Shahs starts with Amir Qasim Barid, who, in A.D 1492 got himself appointed Prime Minister of the Bahmani kingdom under Mahmud Shah. In this position he practically ruled over the kingdom, the sultan being little more than a puppet. Qasim Barid died in A.D 1504 and was succeeded by Amir Barid-I The last king of Bahmani. Kalim Allah died in A.D 1538. The Bahmani coins are Known countermarked “Amir” These have been attributed to Amir Barid-I,

A.H 910-949 (A.D 1504-1542) No coins of this dynasty are known before the reign of fourth ruler Ibrahim Barid Shah (A.D 1579-1587)

The last Barid ruler, Amir Barid-III, came to the throne in A.D 1609 (AH 1018) He incurred the hostility of his neighbor Ibrahim Adil Shah of Bijapur, who, in A.D 1619 (A.H 1028) marched on Bidar, occupied it, and captured the Barid ruler and his sons. These were carried off to Bijapur, where they lived out their days under surveillance, and Bidar was annexed to the Adil Shahi kingdom.


(Barid Shahi)

A.H 897-1028 / A.D 1492-1619 (137 YEARS )


Map of Bidar Sultanate


910-949 A.H / 1504-1542 A.D

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3-Bidar Sultanate, Amir Barid-I /Coin-1

Ruler : Struck on Bahmani coin By Amir Barid-I

Year : A.H 910-949 / A.D 1504-1542

Denomination: GANI,       Metal: Copper

Legend : Mark struck on Bahmani coin

Reference: Rajgor.602

Rarity : SCARCE

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3-Bidar Sultanate, Ibrahim Barid Shah /Coin-1

Ruler : Ibrahim Barid Shah

Year : A.H 987-995 / A.D1579-1587

Denomination: 1/2 GANI,            Metal: Copper

Reference: Goron-BD-2, 8 g

Rarity : RARE

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